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Howdy Belters,

We've added a plain text file with patch notes and general errata that addresses the questions we've received and things we've observed watching you lovely folks play on stream. We'll let you know any time this gets an update. Rest assured, these elaborations and patches will make it into the next version of Dead Belt, but in the meantime, we hope they help out there.

Chariot out.


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Nov 19, 2021

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Hi there!

I've recently tried out your game "Dead Belt" and got a couple of questions.

1.) Regarding movement

While I have a common sense of how to move in the game I can't stop but wonder how exactly is this meant to be.

Should I roll on gas each time I enter an already discovered Module or only for new ones?

Should I roll for barriers again?

2.) Regarding "Payday Move"

The phrase Payday Move is only referenced once and I'm a bit confused about how to interpret it.

There's a section that says what bonuses I have if I rolled 1-6 but no other instructions... I can only feel what I should do but I'm not certain, it is not described.

I hope you can help me out and I'm sorry if I just missed something!

Thank you in advance!


Howdy! Sorry for the lag in comms, but we've been traveling and I just now saw this notification! Let's get you back to gettin' wealthy, Belter.

1) Every time you transit a module, you roll for Gas. Discovered, undiscovered, still takes time and energy to move around these birds safely. It runs out quick, I know, and it's gonna mean you probably can't check every corner and bolthole before the O2 gauge is in the red and you've gotta run back to the 'lock. That's alright. There are upgrades on down the line that'll help you out.

Now barriers are different. If you manage to get around a barrier without difficulty, that module is done and you don't have to roll on it again, aside from Gas. If you just squeaked by, then that barrier will let you through the once but it's too dangerous or sealed or otherwise gonna keep you from transiting through again. If it's blocked, tough luck, Belter. Going to have to find another way unless you've got an Override Key.

2) The Payday Move does a lot of heavy lifting and we've gotten some feedback from people who aren't used to games with a "Pick X" or "Spend Hold" kind of move economy. Like the Airlock Move, you roll your die and based on what you roll (6: choose 3, 4/5: choose 2, 1-3: Your payday's already stripped or busted), you choose options off the list. The things you choose are true, everything else is not. You can choose to make "Removing the payday won't cause the ship to come apart" true, or you can not and then roll the Shipbreaker die as things start coming apart at the seams. Every time you encounter a payday and roll the Payday Move, you choose from a bunch of bad news, trying to minimize your risk and maximize your gain. Same with the airlock. 

If that's still not clear, I'm happy to steer you around the curves as best I can. 

Thanks for picking up Dead Belt, and thanks for taking the time to seek clarification rather than writing it off as busted, partner.

We'll see you out on the Belt.

Chariot, out.


Thank you very much for the thorough response! All clear now \o/


Cold in space,  not our hearts. Thanks for reaching out.


Just got Dead Belt and currently playing my first game. If I understood your reply correctly: if you want to get the PayDay you have to spend 1 Grit, roll for Gas etc. unless you have chosen that particular option. For example, the ship will always break apart (and I have to roll how the breakup will happen) unless I chose that option. I assume the wording should then be (don't roll the Shipbreaker Move). Also, I assume I would always have to roll for a Threat unless I chose that option. 

I've seen some youtube play through and it seems they got this completely wrong as that content creator always chose to transport the whole load and increase the worth but never spent Grit, rolled for Gas, break up the ship etc. I would suggest adding that to the FAQ and possibly any updated version. 

You've got it exact. The passage reads as intended, but we have indeed noticed some repeated misunderstandings. We'll look to clearing that up going forward.

(1 edit) (+2)

Thanks for clearing that up! Some additional questions that came up in my play through: are Grit , Gear and Glow automatically 'refilled' to the current maximum once your return? I assume so but could not find anything in the rules. 

Also, can you spend 1 Grit to turn a 1-3 during the payday roll into a 4-5? I played it like that but looking e.g. at the Cheat Sheet one could also think that Grit can only be spent for Obstacle rolls. Similarly can you use Grit when checking the Airlock and during a Spacewalk? Again I would assume yes but it is not clearly stated.  

Apart from Grit could you use a Gear (in advance) before the payday, airlock, spacewalk roll to be able to choose the higher dice?


So as the game stands right now, the Grit, Gear, and Glow refresh to their current maximum value between salvaging days. That's likely to change in a future iteration, but as it stands right now, that saving grace is on your side!

Grit can be used on any challenge roll except for Gas checks. Same with Gear. The only stipulation is that Gear has to be used before the roll and can't be declared after a roll you'd rather not have gotten.

Again, we're heads down and hustling to rectify and expand Dead Belt, and we really appreciate this kind of great feedback. Keep it coming as it comes up, and we'll see if we can't build a better Belt for everyone!