Dead Belt: True Tales of the Gasping Frontier

Howdy Belters,

There's a powerful lot more of y'all than the last time we all had a proper chat. Hopefully you've had a chance to dig into Dead Belt, find your fortune or lonely deaths out on the edge of the Gasping Frontier. If not, there are still plenty of birds need picking over out on the edge of SAG-A. 

Just wanted to pop in and let y'all know that if you're looking for more Dead Belt, Navi and I are working on a space folk-horror podcast to bulk up the lore and expand the scope of your struggles out in the Belt. It's called Dead Belt: True Tales of the Gasping Frontier. If you're a fan of Old Gods of Appalachia or similar strains of weird audio-fiction, you might check it out. Been working on it for a couple weeks and we're awfully proud of it.

Who knows. Might be interesting clues scattered throughout as to what might be coming down the pipe for this strange, desperate little solo game.

That's all for now, Belters. Chariot out.

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