The Future of the Dead Belt

Howdy Belters,

If you're receiving this comm, it's because you're one of the Oldhats, those folks who've been out here on the float, alone and unafraid, making your daily carb and protein off the wreck of human pride. You know your way around a Bird by now, probably. Might've even seen to clearing your debt and leaving this life for good, and if that's the case--well, Oldhat, mine's off to you. For those of you still scrappin' to pay down the Bank's note, I figured I'd send a friendly crackle and hum to let you know what's coming down the Rail.

Dead Belt's getting a massive expansion and overhaul. This little ashcan is yours in perpetuity, but the Dead Belt's coming to Kickstarter for a physical production run and a bunch of slick options to bring new life to your far-flung space salvaging.

Our lonely trade is going to make the jump to team-sport as the rules are revised to facilitate both Co-Op and Rivalry modes. Bring a friend to make the work a little lighter and overcome the nastiest challenges the Dead Belt has to offer, or bring an enemy and prove once and for all that you're the baddest salvager to ever Check O2. You can still face the hungry dark alone with new kit and prompts and Birds to pick to the bone, but y'ain't gotta die in space alone if you don't want to.

 We've got a lot of extras that we're hard at work to bring to you, but in the meantime you can put your name on the Belter's registry at the following address, We hope you're excited for what's next. Y'all stay hungry out there. SAG-A is.

More to come, Belters.

Chariot, out.

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I can't wait!!!