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Deal with drama, pass the test, doubt yourself, trust your friends, face down the Alien Horde, and GET IN THE ROBOT.  

DISASTER/WING, prep for launch.

DISASTER/WING is a mecha tabletop game  made to tell stories of fantastic adolescent heroism and giant robots. The characters are teenagers in a world very much like our own. They go to school, get embroiled in teen drama, and try to find their place in the face of onrushing adult responsibility and societal expectation. They are also in a city that is actually a giant spaceship, hurtling through space, fleeing a catastrophic war with technologically-superior aliens that destroyed their world generations ago. They are also, through no fault of their own, the only ones who can pilot the centuries-old war machines that are their city’s only hope when the aliens inevitably return. They exist between these worlds, juggling their teenage feelings and responsibilities with the duty that has been thrust upon them. 

These characters are trying their best. 

But their best may not be good enough.    

  • Build your characters with quick, customizable archetypes and Mecha Techs. 
  • Define your world with questions to spur discussion about themes and the specifics of your Mecha and the looming war for survival.
  • Fight powerful villains like the Clave, a coalition of fanatical aliens bent of the extermination of humanity by any means necessary.
  • Pick up the pieces with downtime actions which bring you closer to your team, or take it out on them to manage your growing Strain, lest you crack under mounting pressure.
  • Push it to the Redline, stop holding back, and Awaken your Mecha to new levels of power just when it seems that all hope is lost.

Forged in the Dark but adapted to fight darkness, DISASTER/WING runs on quick, d6 dicepool-based, fiction-first mechanics that prioritize the best parts of Mecha anime and manga, and cuts through fiddly planning to get you and your friends right into the action. You'll be dealing with teenage drama, investigating the threats, fighting Aliens, and saving humanity in no time.

Humanity needs you. Get in the robot.

Updated 2 days ago
StatusIn development
CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorA Couple of Drakes
TagsAliens, d6, drama, Forged in the Dark, mecha, Mechs, Sci-fi, Space, teenagers


Get this game and 3 more for $30.00 USD
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Anybody running a Disaster/Wing or a Disaster/Peace game I could jump into? UwU


I have a mighty urge to splice both Disaster games into a single campaign in the vein of like... Mobile Suit: Sailor Rangers...

They would merge pretty beautifully! That right there is a really exciting thought!


Definitely  a game I will put to play. Elegant design, clear purpose and a lot of drama !

Things nice to have in a future release :

 - bad guys with dark secrets. They seems almost too simple, like "us against them", while I couldn't help to think about the Ender Strategy while reading. 

- a single page resume of all the enemies.

- an example of how the clockwork work in play to add tension and drama (and not just to defeat an ennemy)


This is absolutely why we like putting ashcan versions out while we're in development. These are great suggestions. We just wrapped up an 8-episode arc with our home game and managed to forge an alliance with the Tellurians to aid us in our struggles against the Clave. Next season (after we play a couple of other games) will have us racing against our enemies to seek out a new home for Humanity with our new allies.

Thanks for checking out the game! We look forward to giving DISASTER/WING a revision and expansion soon!


I am so ready to GET IN THE ROBOT!

Outstanding! Humanity's counting on you!


Any plans to go physical with this?

(1 edit) (+2)

There's some talk here at House Drake of doing a limited run of DISASTER/WING and DISASTER/PEACE in physical, but first we need to get Skyworthy printed and shipped. 

So short answer, YES! But longer answer, not soon.


Awesome! I'll keep an eye out. I still have Court of Blades and Skyworthy coming so I'll be well and truly Draked up soon enough.

Thank you so much for letting us take up some shelf space in your collection!


How easy is this game to solo?

That's an interesting question. We've never run it as a solo-game, largely because it's got an underlying theme of teamwork to overcome long odds. There might be the bones for a lone-pilot hack in there somewhere, but that'll take some brain-bytes before I could recommend. I'll do some research on solo FitD games and get back to you! 


Thanks! All of my RPGing these days is 100% solo. :)


Give us a little time, and we can probably build something to suit!


I'm very excited to run this.  So many clever ideas in this.

Thanks so much! I hope that when it hits the table you've got everything you need to tell rad as hell Teen Mecha-jock stories!


This is an incredible Forged In The Dark and Disaster/PEACE hack game!

Really simple to learn if this is your first foray to Forged In The Dark games and i gotta hand it to A Couple of Drakes team too to make a book with beautiful and cool layout and concise rules explanation!

Real cool stuff guys, i highly recommend this game.


Thank you so much! We were trying to remove as much of the stuff that made Forged in the Dark games such a hard shift for us when we first fell in love with the system while still keeping the stuff that makes Forged in the Dark our favorite system to run and play.

Feedback like this is basically the highest compliment we could've received. Thank you!