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This is a game about Sprouts. 

Sprouts are the eternal children of the Brackenweald. Standing about six inches tall, friendly, and naturally cooperative, they are caretakers of the natural world and stewards of the spirits of the wild. Their villages are built into the shelter of old trees, weathered boulders, or behind the occasional waterfall. They enjoy comfort, good food, a good story, and the company of their friends. It is, therefore, all the more impressive when they take leave of their cozy villages to venture into the wilderness to fulfill their most important duties. 

This is a game about journeys. 

As fine a thing as it might be to imagine a day in the life of a Sprout safe at home in their village, seeing to the crops and stirring the stewpot and swapping stories, painting the leaves or herding the fireflies, it is the story of their grand excursions we play to experience. Because this is where the Sprouts’ lives get most interesting. Here is where we find the moments that make us gasp and cheer and wonder how the Sprouts are going to get out of this mess! Sprouts are small beings, and small obstacles pose larger challenges because of it. A small stream seems to them like a mighty river. A molehill may indeed become a mountain. A hungry troll becomes more terrifying than a storybook giant. But the Sages must be woken, so Spring can be ushered in, and the Sprouts are the only ones who can do the job.

The Game 

Sprout Quest is a gentle, narrative, d6 dice pool game, made in the spirit of nostalgic cartoons like David the Gnome, the Smurfs, or Care Bears. It is made to be easy enough to teach to children in play, but exciting enough to be loved by a group of adults. Inside, you’ll find supporting material to play a one-shot, a full-length campaign, or anything in-between.

Be sure to download the free preview for a full overview of all the game rules!

Inside, you'll find:

  •  8 cozy Sproutbooks to choose from.

Firefly Shepherd - Guarding them by day and watching them by night, the Fireflies taught them the secrets of the forest by night. Play them if you want to lead the way into dark places and enjoy a good ghost story. 

Beetle Thumper - Tough and strong, they drive off the beetles who would eat the herbs and flowers the Sprouts grow. Play them if you want your Sprout to be the biggest and the strongest. 

Herb Minder - Responsible for growing the food and medicine the village needs. Play them if you want to help things grow and heal the sick. 

Leaf Painter - Quick and crafty, they climb the tallest trees to paint the leaves each spring and autumn. Play them if you want to swing from branches and get into places that make your friends go “wow!” 

Crock Watcher - They know that a full belly is a magic all its own, so they tend the fire and feed the village. Play them if you want to talk about delicious food and make friends easily. 

Storyspinner - Whenever the answer to a question is “nobody knows,” they’ll be there with their hand raised. Play them if you want to know things no one else does and can keep a secret. 

Featherfriend - They weren’t born with wings, but they learned to make friends. The birds tell them secrets no one else knows. Play them if you want to have traveled further than any other Sprout and wish you could fly. 

Wagglewhisker - They learned to watch the edges of the village and stay unseen by watching cats, and sometimes wish they weren’t Sprouts at all. Never for long, though. Play them if you want to scurry and pounce and be sneaky.

  • 12 Sages to awaken to usher in spring, each with a unique job, temperament, and three different adventure paths to customize your adventure.
  • A 19-Hex Map and detailed Key, each Hex loaded with points of interests, rumors, encounters, and multiple adventures so there is tons to do and see no matter how many times you pass back through the space. 
  • Over a hundred interesting and thematic adventure seeds for hundreds of possible game sessions packed into one slim, 76 page, no filler, easy to pick up and run game.
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