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Beyond the bramble and rose-woven gates and the thorn tangle hedges of the Griever's Knot, the castle rises like a chancre. It was once a fairytale monument to the days of the old empire. The Tyrant and the Lady claimed domination over all they surveyed. But the Tyrant was pulled down, killed in the field by a last desperate alliance, and the Lady was left with only ruin and desolation.

And hate.

As the Principalities take their faltering steps into the future, the tattered remnant of their past stirs within the Castle Roses. Marshaling her magic and her malice, the Widow puts a plan in motion to once again bring the world under her thrall, to wake her departed Tyrant from the jealous embrace of Death, and to strike back at those who dared stand in the way of love everlasting.


  • The Widow of Roses is a Villainous Volume zine; a 66 page Campaign Skeleton replete with hooks, adventure seeds, compelling NPCs, new terrifying monsters, fabulous treasures, and a compelling central villain who takes actions to change the world and fulfill their agendas.
  • Compatible out of the box with 5e, the tag-based structure of the treasures and opponents used in a Villainous Volume is easily adaptable to any of your favorite fantasy tabletop roleplaying games.

The Widow is a treacherous Elven Queen walled away in an ensorcelled castle; a remnant of a former Empire. She seeks to break the bonds of her prison through the use of surviving agents on the outside, remnants of her broken army, and the Knights of the Wayward Rose, newly resurrected from the battlefield where they fell. These agents seek to sow discord among the young Principalities, return the artifacts necessary to resurrect the fallen Tyrant, and pave the way for the Widow's return.


The Widow was made to be screen reader accessible, we tested the final zine with the NVDA screen reader and Adobe Acrobat. We would love your feedback if you run into any problems or have suggestions for how to improve your experience.

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(17 total ratings)
AuthorA Couple of Drakes
Tags5e, accessible, campaign-setting, Dark Fantasy, dnd, Fairy Tale, Gothic, magical-items, OSR


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