A Couple of Drakes

The game of intrigue, romance, and peril, Forged in the Dark.
Storyhooks and content to add to your Court of Blades experience.
Court of Blades game materials written by indie ttrpg community luminaries.
The journaling game of iconic skyships, their captains, and a changing world.
The game of teen disaster mecha pilots in space.
Scavenge, struggle, and get paid on the gasping frontier.
The magical girl tabletop RPG Forged in the Dark to fight darkness.
The tabletop RPG inspired by Miyazaki and the cooking choas of Overcooked.
The storytelling game of deadly rivalry for two players.
Nature's post-apocalyptic heroes battle scary faeries in a tactical, rules-light tabletop RPG.
A (free) roleplay and campaign expansion for the post-apocalyptic heroes vs fey combat game HEDGE.
A (free) HEDGE supplement. New allies and enemies for your fairytale post-apocalypse.

Blades in the Dark Fan Content

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